News for September 2013

Just some updates on what’s going on.

I’ve gotten Darke and the Parandrus / A Sawmill’s Hope about as far as I’m going to. It’s my first full length novel, started around this time two years ago, and it went through about seven drafts, a rewrite, then touch ups. Now it’s time for it to sink or swim. Either way, I’m kicking it out of the nest. Querying will ensue… Perhaps.

As October rolls around, I’m picking up Turesia Split once more. I’d nearly finished the first draft when I set it down and began again on book numero uno. I’m still just as excited (and nervous) about this book as ever. The themes of religion, reincarnation, mind control, and cultures of violence are huge. I want to do them justice, get my hands dirty exploring them fully, not just flip over the stone for a peek and then continue on, oblivious to the ripples caused. Wish me luck.

Three new blog posts for September –

IWSG September 4th – Insecure Writer’s Support Group post. Here I whine about my current novel then cry about how hard the next one will be. Insecure indeed.

The Next Big Thing! – Discussing the next book I’m working on in an interview fashion. Thanks again, Brandon Ax for pointing this questionnaire at me!

My Secret Life as a Video Game Composer – A pretty long one (twss). Here I discuss the Global Game Jam 2013, its high energy and the ups and down of creating the music.

Speaking of the Game Jam, here’s a link to the song I wrote for the game, labelled In Vein. I’ve been in an 8-bit kind of mood with my music writing lately, not that this song is authentically 8-bit. It includes sampled strings and drums.

As far as what I’ve been reading, I finally broke down and purchased The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie. Since I haven’t mentioned him here, I feel I should. Reading his First Law trilogy is what prompted me to rewrite my first novel. For me, the series was a full education on tight 3rd person voice, gripping action and snappy dialogue, flipping fantasy tropes on their steel-capped, dragon-hunting heads. Thanks, Joe. The Heroes is good, so far. And I’m glad to see his direction is more adult themed. I appreciate the humor and relative simplicity of the first trilogy, I’m glad he left the young adult gritty fantasy market alone. Let someone else take care of that.

I’m also easing my way through The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I’d heard of it before, but not until it was mentioned on the podcast Writing Excuses, (and it was a free Kindle download) did I chose to give it a try. I like to keep classics (or near classics) on the back burner at all times.

As far as Silexare is concerned, that’s all for now. See you soon,

David List