News for October 2013

Here’s the biggest news


I’m currently in the planning stages of the Kickstarter for my first novel… And this is the most planning, research and coordinating I’ve ever attempted. It’s a bit overwhelming. But hopefully, by this time next month I will be directing you to the live Kickstarter event!


I finished Joe Abercrombie’s The Heroes.

The+Heroes+UKI won’t go into too much detail on it. But once again, I’m left feeling humbled and educated. This book focuses more on themes and characters than plot if you ask me. And this one, despite that I’ve analyzed Joe’s style, still mesmerizes with the proximity of the viewpoint, despite being third. For anyone who thinks first person point of views offer more voice than third, I urge you to click the link to this book and read an excerpt.

Joe’s books leave a hard to fill gap once I’ve finished them… Next is either Red Country or Best Served Cold.


Two new blogs since last time.

IWSG October – Nothing special here. Apparently I wasn’t feeling overly insecure.

Revival – Here’s where I shed some light on the kickstarter. This one’s more energetic than informative.

See you guys next month