September 2014 Nues


A Sawmill’s Hope is live!
This is Silexare’s debut novel, and the very first source of knowledge on the Silexare Compendium.
If you need some adventure in your life, check it out.


In all, we had a blast. And it was exciting to introduce my novel to real humans, face to face. It was crowded. But that made it easier to contact and meet new people at the booth. A few games of MTG always makes for good chance to meet folks, as well.
My youngest is a daredevil, not unlike his father. Sunday morning he chose to run up a steep rock and fall off it, resulting in the need for three stitches on his otherwise baby chin. I deemed it best to return home early to him and his mom.
I plan to upload a plethora photographs, captured by the engineer of himself, Drew Cochran.

Elsewhere is currently camped within the ever ruminant, SIP’s needs are currently being met on that site. But Drew mentioned perhaps a page somewhere dedicated to displaying pictures of events and such as that. I like the idea. is alive and mewling. Here you’ll find a working-encyclopedia of all things Silexare, designed to entertain, inform, and immerse. This site will be built upon with more entries and art as soon as there is time to upload them. Quantity of material available is not currently threatened. I encourage you to go have a look.


I’ve been too busy to read anything other than an occasional blog or webpage. Usually a Howey, Eisner, or Konrath blog or a link from their page to a dissenting opinion. But the next novel I’ll be reading is Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold.


Here’s one I wrote to shed some light on why I went independent.

This one announced ASH is live and revealed that the new websites are up


There is still much to be settled as far as Kickstarter prizes go. And then the introduction of ASH will be officially over.

Time to get back into Turesia.