April 2017 News

I love Spring. It’s my favorite. Not too hot. Swimming is just around the corner. You can still hike without worrying about eating spiderwebs. My favorite colors, blue and green, are in their most prominent display.

Also, we’re moving to the lake. Here’s my new backyard. Look at all that hammock potential!


I wrote a blog post on my writing process a couple days ago on Regarding Silexare. You might find it interesting. Or exhausting.

Turesia is at 101,000 words (or roughly 300 pages.) I guess that’s about half the story. I’m so into this tale right now. I love it. Sometimes while I write, I’m thinking of scenes yet to come and wishing they’d be here already. Not now. I’m challenged and enthralled by every scene. This can only be a good thing for the outcome of the story.


Horizon Zero Dawn. This game is fantastic. Great exploration and combat. Very immersive graphics and music. I could go for more side quests and the like, but I’m still early on in the game. This is one of my favorites on the PS4 already.

I’m still playing Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. Because it’s the best. Also, I’m addicted.


I’m now watching Peaky Blinders for the second time. I binged it once, then turned the wife onto it and now she and I watch it together when we can, or separately. I’m inspired by the different factions and how they loathe one another, and how their hatred goes back generations. I love all the slurs they have for one another. I’ve always loved stories of crime families on the rise, especially with an interesting protagonist. This show reminds me of Sons of Anarchy, for some reason. Except stuff actually happens. There’s progress on a grander scale.

The Song that is my Alarm

is called Teal and Silent. It’s from an album called Spectrum of Mana, which is a compilation of songs inspired by the Secret of Mana original soundtrack. A melancholy song, for sure, but also soothing, which is exactly what my mind needs when I’m thinking “F— waking up. F— putting on khakis. F— talking to humans.”

Next Month

I used the word “love” four times up until this sentence. That tells me next month we’ll be back to hate. But I don’t truly express love or hate or any other emotion on this site, whether or not I say their names. News is what these posts are for. Heartless, cold, lifeless. You want riveting prose that will change your life?
Read Turesia when it comes out. 😉

I’m going to write. See you next month.


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