August 2017 News

Welcome to August, frans.


Turesia is up to 137,793 words. What a shite improvement over last month! Pardner and I missed a couple of Story Times. Excuses, excuses, I know. I’m just trying to get it right, rather than fast (Rothfuss’ last words).


I’m finally reading Half a War. I shouldn’t have waited so long to pick it up, but by the gods it hurts me to pay $10+ for an ebook and I couldn’t find it on the high seas. (And if an ebook of mine is ever $10+ and you want to read it, I absolutely release you to acquire¬†it any way you see fit.)

I’m also listening to the audio book for the Red Sister. Mark is amazing at turning a phrase and presenting unique descriptions for each character. But audio books might just not be for me. I suddenly realize it’s been going for 5, 10, 20 minutes and I’ve zoned out. I hate the accents the voice actors use. Every character sounds like one of twelve flavors of Professor McGonagall.
If I read the book, my imagination would sound a lot more epic than that.


Ozark! Love me some Bateman. It’s a cool show. The setting is awesome. Feels a little ‘Breaking Bad lite’ regarding conflict, but rated R as far as content.


Not much, honestly. Boyo, Firstborne, and I have been playing Castle Crashers, trying to unlock all the characters. Still a fun game. I love Newgrounds-bred games.

Next Month

Guess I’ll report how much or little I’ve written. EXCITE!

See ya


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