December 2015 News

NaNoWriMo is over. Did I write 50k words? Heck no. Far from it. But I made significant progress.
So here are some pictures from my Athens, Ga book-signing in October (links to my Facebook page). Enjoy!


I’m officially done with the current draft of the first third of Turesia. And yes, that’s as simple as I could phrase that. Here’s a breakdown:
What has been accomplished?

  • The story has a beginning, middle, and end, with motives and arcs for all significant characters.
  • The system of magic, Consonance, is complete and so is the job class hierarchy.
  • The map is fleshed out, as is the story’s central theme, and the backstory.

What is left to be done?

  • Research Hawaiian flowers, fauna, ancient history to enliven garb, medicine, food, and custom. (I actually made significant progress on this yesterday)
  • Capture a theme in each individual scene. Select and order words in a method that makes the book unique and delightful.

That’s no small task for me.

While we’re on this subject of writing, I just can’t proceed without mentioning some music I’ve been listening to on repeat while writing. If you’re into cello music, give it a listen. A fellow named Sebastian Freij took some songs from a SNES game and turned them into olfactory gold. It is superb. This is not the last time I’ll mention this. Here is the playlist on Youtube. And here’s its home on OverClocked Remix, where you can download all the songs to have for your very own.


I read Fight Club. This was long overdue, considering it’s one of my favorite films. I’m interested to know how different it would have been to experience the book before the movie, considering the infamous plot twist.
It’s very unique writing. Gritty and personal. I apologize for not having a formal review. I’m not the best at reviewing books. I’d rather just discuss them.

I’m currently reading Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia (which, as of this writing is free for Kindle). It’s cool so far. Lot’s of guns and tactics and undead. Also, Monster Hunter International (MHI) is adequately distinct from the Giant Hunters of Silexare (the Noble Army). I needed to make sure of this before I continued creating them.

I have several other books I’m reading less actively. Go to my Goodreads page if you’re interested to see what. I’m down to talk about whatever I’m reading so hit me up! Add me on Goodreads and we’ll do all the cool things people do on Goodreads… I’m not really sure what that entails. I just use it to keep up with my books reading / read / to read.


I can’t buy Fallout 4 yet. I’m afraid it will derail my productivity.

I’m still playing Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Patiently awaiting Afterbirth to release on PS4. I kind of love this game. Also I’ve been playing Marvel Lego’s with Boyo (who is 4). It’s a fun game and very educational for someone like me, who doesn’t know crap about super heroes (it’s just not my thing).

You know what I’d love? I’d love it if Duck Tales: Remastered released on PS4. But if it doesn’t, it’s still a game I’d like to buy on Steam and record and upload to Youtube. The original for the NES was great.

Speaking of posting videos, there are now four videos in my ActRaiser playthrough! Check ’em out! (links to Youtube, dur)


One blog post this month. It refers to the pros and cons of the print-on-demand company IngramSpark. Niche audience for this one; writers who are looking for a printer and are probably self published.

Next Month

I want to have this book ready for alpha readers. I want to have several more ActRaiser videos posted to Facebook.

I hope you guys have a good holiday season.

Talk to you in January.


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