December 2017 News

Mornin’ peeps. Last month of 2017. That’s good because I’ve been convinced it’s 2018 for months now.

Some people are wildly excited by Christmas. Maybe I’ll be one of those people again someday. Maybe not. I do like having an excuse to illuminate rooms with unusual lighting in the form of trees, candles, etc.
I literally just realized while typing this that the early winter sunset produces more hours to enjoy such ambient lighting. Hmm.




So, Nanowrimo. Heh heh. Nanowrimo is where-Heh heh heh hahahah. Hahahahahaha! *ahem* I’m sorry. It’s just that, uh… I was supposed to write fifty thousand words- AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHAHEHAHHAHAhhahahahahaha! *sniff* Heh heh. Oh man, Nanowrimo. Heh heh heh.


My Kindle is piled high with TBR books… We’ll get back to that. Because right now I’m obsessed with Assassin’s Quest, by Robin Hobb. I’m ready for dear Fitz to be done with me. He bedraggles my emotions and has me wandering around at night in a zombified state, listening to Paul Boehmer tell his tale via Audible. I may as well be using the Skill to watch another’s life, as inattentive as I am to my surroundings.
I don’t know how many stars I’m giving this one. 4/5 at least, due to its graceful prose. 1/5 stars because it makes my work in progress look like the scribblings of a neanderthal. I’ll let you know next month.
I gave Royal Assassin 4/5, by the way. Excellent book.


Watched Justice League with the fam. I don’t know what you guys are talking about but I thought it was great! Fam loved it. Would watch again.
Fave JL’er – Wonder Woman.
Least Fave – Aquaman, probably. I didn’t really buy his character. No, I’m not hating just because everyone wants to do him.

I’m also watching the Punisher on Netflix but am not finding the drive to press on with it. I love most of Frank’s scenes, unless he’s just being a Rick Grimes-channeling weirdo. But I haaaaaaaaaaaate the detective duo that ALL these shows feel they require. Our female protagonist irks me every time she spouts off judgey nuggets in response to those around her who say words she doesn’t like. Like, that’s her strength? Really? Far less forgivable than that, she and her orb-eyed partner bore me to death. He is not likable or clever. He and she place their faces too close together during conversations, and it makes me cringe. I can’t sit still through their scenes. I don’t know what’s happening in their plot line because I just don’t care.
I may finish it.


This’ll be a busy section this month… And maybe this explains my Nanowrimo failures?
Fortnite (FREE version) – PS4
This is a cool concept, although it’s not originally Fortnite’s. It’s a 100-man, fort-crafting, king-of-the-hill-style FPS with ever shrinking walls forcing players in on each others’ turf.
Like Hunger Games but interesting. Ha! #jokes

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends – PS4
My 6 year old picked out this game (likely based on its cover art alone) and actually did quite well. It’s undeniably a Super Smash Bros clone, so game play gets crazy quick and the antics increase with each additional player.
Also, since it’s on the PS4 it’s playable with actual video game controllers, rather than the unwieldy plastic abominations Nintendo produces!

Resident Evil 4 – PS4
RE4 is in my top 5 most replayable games of all time. I’ve been smashing through this gem of a game once more to familiarize myself because on the 9th of December, my broder Drew and I are streaming it for charity on his Twitch channel, Legendary Fail Games. Come join us! All donations will go toward my daughter Evie’s memorial, and help fund the fight against SIDS. Follow his or my Twitter to stay up on it. @DavidTList or @Legendary_Fail

next month

I’ve got almost two weeks off at the end of this year. Perhaps that iron monolith Turesia shall find a way to lurch forward, if only a step.
Oh hey, also, keep an eye on my blog, Regarding Silexare. I want to make a post about Scrivener. That is one swell program, I tell ya.

Happy Holidays


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