February 2016 News

MagFest is this month! We have a group of about ten going and I can’t freakin wait. I just need to finish uploading my Let’s Play videos and order a box of hardback ASHs before then.


This happens a lot; I begin to write details here on the monthly update and realize I should create an entire blog post for the subject instead of trying to summarize here. So in my current story, I’m writing in the Silexare universe, on the island nation of Turesia, on the western island – Ausgan.
Details are on the blog!


Bitterseeds was great. I’d recommend it for fans of alternate history, steam punk, and science fiction. Check last month’s news for more on it.

I’m reading a book recommended to me by a friend at work. It’s called the Celestine Prophecy. Currently (about 25-30% into it) the story isn’t grabbing me and pushing me to read on. Feels more laborious than “an adventure” (as it says on the cover) should feel. It honestly feels more laborious than “literature” should feel, but I don’t think entertainment was the priority in creating this particular work of fiction.
My friend vouched for it and said he’s read it several times and learns something new with each read. I figure I should muscle through it. Give it an honest try. But, the gamboling ruffian within my heart yearns for punching and fighting and blood.

What’s next to read?
Good question. I have a lot in my “To read” pile (here’s a link to my GoodReads if you’re interested). What I need right now is a “wrapping up the final draft” book. One with amazing voice and style. Character arcs and the story in general aren’t crucial for my next read book. I’m leaning toward a Joe Abercrombie book (not that he’s lacking in story or character arc.)

Spoiler: Between when I started writing this post and this moment I went ahead and grabbed Half a King by Abercrombie, despite that Del Ray stuck a price tag of $12 on the ebook. Cutthroats.


Boyo, Firstborn, and I finally got 100% on Lego Marvel Superheroes! But Boyo still wants to play it (shoot me).
Boyo’s also been playing Disney Infinity on the Wii U. I don’t know exactly what else that game is but it’s definitely a convoluted clusterf__k. Some mystery voice is constantly telling you more things to do. There are a billion little creatures to talk to that tell you things to do. I never know if I’m in the ‘toybox’ or somewhere else. I don’t actually know what the ‘toybox’ is… Or the point of the game. You can change a little plastic figurine out to play as different characters. Whatever. Boyo’s figured out how to punch things so we’re good.

Nintendo has a bunch of older games available in the Wii U’s store. So, Firstborn and I have been playing the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (originally for SNES). This is not the first time I’ve replayed it since the days of the SNES. I kind of love it. Firstborn recommends I play Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds, for the 3DS. I’d like to. But in my mind, if I’m playing a handheld device, I should be writing on a laptop. Also, those handheld devices were intended for micro-hands.

I’ve yet to upload more Let’s Play videos to my YouTube channel. But that’s only because EDITING VIDEO SUCKS AND I HATE IT!
I mean, that’s not entirely true. I just shouldn’t have made my initial videos with elaborate thumbnails, outro animations, and on-screen handwritten text. I backed myself in a corner, straight off the rip, upping expectations from my very first vids. I should have started off plain and built up over time.
Oh well. Live and learn…
(and suck it up and finish the videos)

The song that is currently my morning alarm

One day I’ll be on my own schedule. Until then…
It’s dawned on me the first song I hear in the morning needs to be a special one. It needs to be energetic but not frantic. Something to get the blood pumping but not the head pounding. And, obviously, a tune I can hum along with. In fact, it should be a tune I can’t help BUT hum along to.
So here’s my song at this moment.
Bell of Battle – Bravely Default OST (links to YouTube)
I haven’t played Bravely Default. But Revo produced an awesome soundtrack for the game and it’s currently among my favorites.

Next Month

I’d like to have posted some pics and videos of MagFest by then.
I need to be finished with the ActRaiser Playthrough. I have other games to video.
Where will the book’s progress be by then? Hard to say. Hopefully much farther along than it is now.

See you next month,


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