February 2017 News

I’m a day late posting this. Was a bit derailed yesterday. Did a lot of driving, walking, talking, poisoning. You know, that kind of day.

It’s the month after election month. Here’s the part where I’m obligated to talk about politics and declare what team I’m slinging mud and posting memes for.


(sadly, this is enough to convince some of you I’m the enemy)

Wouldn’t it be nice if ideas were considered based on their merit, not whether they came from your team or the other?


I finished writing Ausgan (the first 1/3 of Turesia)! It’s come to just under 80,000 words and it took five months, not including the original draft I wrote three years ago. I plan to simultaneously edit this while writing the Fohrvylda (the second 1/3 of Turesia). After that, I’m taking the finished parts of this story and converging them, and it’s going to go “fflfflflflflflflflp!” like a blackjack dealer in Vegas.

Anyway, progress is happening.


FFXV is … it’s okay. It’s not in my top 5 PS4 games. Can’t remember the last time I turned it on. I’m on level 30-something and I’m barely aware of what’s going on in the story. Honestly, it seems like nothing’s going on. Go here, do a thing, go there, do a thing. Blah.

Y’know what I want to play? Doom. If only there were more time.

Resident Evil 7 looks a lot like no other Resident Evil… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I’m watching the Grumps play thru it and it’s intense.

I’m playing Valdis Story. I kind of love it. Very Megaman X, Symphony of the Night, Metroidvania-esque. Love those games.

Next Month

I should have several scenes written from Fohrvylda and hopefully be well on my way to finding voices for Irdessa the Undying, Torvald the Tactician, Kraus the Raper, Grimmet the Beastmaster, Pappu, Shiner, Vretos the Heathen, Dhovoi, Ravensi, Cortege, Hiraeth, etc, etc.

See you then!


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