February 2018 News

I have so many aspirations. There are games I want to create, games I want to play and/or stream, books to read, songs to write or remix, sketches to video, blog posts to write. I want to devote more time in general to music and art. I tell myself there will be time one day. But will there?

I’ve identified the activity that relentlessly consumes more of my time than any other. The one activity that stands staunchly between me the above aspirations. At best, aspects of that activity inspire me and give me ideas, or at least idea seeds. At worst, that activity drains me completely, mentally and physically, so that by the time I’ve pulled myself from its grasp each evening, I’m left only with the desire to stumble home under a setting sun and vegetate numbly.

Let it be said once more, and not for the last time. The day will come that my family’s expenses are met without my need to participate endlessly as a meaningless cog in the schemes of some other distant, dead dreamer. All due respect to him, but his dream will go on without me. Mine demands my liberation.


I don’t mention the books that I aspire to write above because they are more than aspirations, they’re works in progress. Writing is the activity I will not reject or wait to start or allow to be put aside. It’s upon my stories that dreams of liberation lie.

I’m loving Turesia right now, and I’m thankful I’m able to say that about a story I’ve been working at for so long.
Our outlaw heroes are on the run, chased by all of Marshal Zander’s forces. They have reached the far north cliffs of Fohrvylda, where a patrol of soldiers lounges not-so-watchfully. The soldiers guard an otherwise forgotten hemp-built suspension bridge that connects the mainland to the Towers – forested pinnacles of stone rising up from the Faithless Sea. Irdessa, the leader of our battered heroes, must take on stratagems of the fabled Tactician to navigate this situation. But unlike the Tactician, she will preserve the lives of those who follow her. That same mercy does not extend to any soldiers in her way, or their beasts.


Oh gosh. I’m playing … *chills ride over skin*  I’m playing a game called
Hollow_knight_title_large_black*sighs and stares off for several minutes*

What a beautiful, immersive journey this is. 5/5 easily.

At this moment, if I had to chose THREE games to survive WWIII in a vault and go on to represent the Metroidvania genre, they would be Super Metroid (SNES), Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS), and Hollow Knight (Steam). It probably goes without saying, but I love this genre. And this game is nearly flawless. I’m approaching [don’t ask how many] hours of play time. Have not looked up a cheat or hint at all. I’m nearing my final destination, but the end is not yet in sight.

I suck at reviews, I know that. Best I can tell ya is this – This game stands head and shoulders above every Metroidvania I’ve ever played on Steam. All of them.

Audio – 5/5
Visual – 5/5
Controls – 5/5
Other stuff – 5/5
Everything – 5/5
Even that one thing maybe you don’t like about it but that’s ok you’re wrong – 5/5

If you can, go turn to YouTube and turn on the soundtrack and let it sooth and somber your soul.


I watched Electric Dreams. It wishes it was Black Mirror, but it’s so not. Actors, story – great. Execution, dialogue – flop. 3/5

Next Month

Y’know what my goal is for next month? To tell you I’ve finished this stretch of Turesia and am editing it in preparation of pitching it to an agent. By my count there are four scenes left in Fohrvylda’s story, so finishing it in a month is an unrealistically quick goal considering my current pace. But let’s give it a shot!

See you in March


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