January 2016 News

2015 is over. Time for 2016. What’s this mean for me? It means I now have four years to complete my plan of conquest and domination. By 2020 I’ll be working for myself, no one else. Never again to tuck a polo into khakis and punch a clock. Never again to sit silently absorbing frigid fluorescent light for hours innumerable. Can I do it? Sure, why not? If it works for me, I’ll let you know how I did it.


I’m excited about my story. That’s a good a thing as you can ask for when writing. Better than any amount of “spare time to write.” Because when passion is fueled a way is made.


I’m reading Bitter Seeds, by Ian Tregillis. My friend and ASH’s editor, Jamie Cain, recommended it. It’s a story about Nazi super-soldiers and the warlocks who fight them. It’s way cooler and grittier than that summary. Each time I write about a book I’m reading, I can’t help but think: I’m terrible at reviewing books. Maybe it’s because I read different books for different reasons, and if the book serves its purpose I finish it. If not, I put it down.

Since I’m in the later drafts of my work-in-progress, I’m reading to experience a variety of styles and voices and prose and thus boost my repertoire. This book was a good deviation on what I’m used to. It has explosive action scenes, written in gripping detail, and situations that made me question the world. I’m in the last 25% of the book and it’s got me unable to put it down and go to sleep at night. Frankly, I can ask for no more.


Boyo got a Wii U for Christmas. Spec-wise, it is the least powerful of the three current-gen consoles. Some might call it the most gimmicky as well, considering you hold a small TV in your hands to play it. But Nintendo has always had, and hopefully always will, a magic that Sony and Microsoft just know nothing about. There’s just something sunny and brightly colored about Nintendo. I had gone too long without it.
Boyo, however, is still all about Lego Marvel Superheroes on the PS4. We’ve unlocked 98% of the game, including some 150 playable characters.
I’m making him some levels on Super Mario Maker.


The only blogging I did this month was in the last couple of days. It’s called Contemplating Death and it’s the opposite of sunny and brightly colored. Consider yourself warned.

Next Month / Next Year

In 2016 I’m going to publish Turesia. I’d like to write, or at least extensively plot, another story as well. This will be, unless something else comes up, a story of Giant Hunters, airships, monstrous olympics, and of course, war, war, WAR!

I’m going to finish editing and uploading my Actraiser play-through to YouTube. I don’t see me embarking on another play-through until I just have more time for it. Right now if I come across the time to edit a video, I’d rather be writing. I don’t like that I have to choose one and neglect the other. It’s not fair to would be readers of my books or watchers of my videos, despite how few their numbers.

On the subject of time, when I get of it I’m going to throw more effort into music recording, practicing at art, and developing games. But that might not happen until 2020.

See you next month


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