January 2017 News

Today is the first day 2017. Every year the date sounds more like something from an 80’s era science fiction movie. Let us celebrate an otherwise mundane weekend because of the transition into a new year. Nevermind that “2017” is only a chronological construct that sentient meat n bone sacks use to keep track of their achievements in the particular dot in existence that is our space time reality.

1/1/17 means I’m down to around 1460 days left to get my intellectual property profitable enough to extract myself from the employ of another human being. The going is slow, but like I’ve never said – Slow going is better than no going. I’ll probably never say it again. It’s yours now. You’re welcome.


I read Forever War by Joe Haldeman. It’s no Red Rising (which is thrilling af) but I enjoyed it. What starts as a military sci fi quickly gets deep in relativity and time dilation and the future of Earth and society. A bit bleak and pessimistic at times but it reads like it comes from a place of truth, which makes sense if you consider that the author was an active participant in the Vietnam War.
He does a good job of adjusting focus to allow for great passages of time in fewer words when detail isn’t necessary.

I just bought an ebook translation of one of the oldest recorded stories, the Epic of Gilgamesh. Looking forward to digging into that.

Also, I finally got my own copy of Tex Thompson’s One Night in Sixes. Tex was among the first to donate to my Kickstarter, and she coined the term “Silexare Army” for those who donated. I should have long since given her book a try, especially considering I want to someday write a (fantasy) western.


I’m still writing Turesia! The end is not in sight!
Winter vaca has proven to be utterly unproductive as far as writing goes.


I’m in between shows right now. Just finished Westworld season 1. Gosh dang it’s great. Concept, cast, storytelling, score, all top notch.

I’m caught up with Walking Dead season whatever… or midseason or who the f cares. Negan is the best thing that’s happened to that show in years. In other words, Negan is the only thing that’s happened to that show in years.

Wife and I watched Magnificent Seven (2016 version) last night. She slept. Any day you indoor skydive and go to Ikea is going to be a long day. I liked it for the most part, but sometimes I’m lenient judging westerns and pseudo-westerns just because they’re able to capture that arid, gritty, squint-eyed, leathery charm. There’s something comfy about it. The story was ok. It wasted time in character development that would have better been served working out team dynamics, or giving the seven participants more believable motivations. There wasn’t a smooth transition from “these helpless villagers all suck at shooting and are going to die” to “this is an organized militia.”
Also, oddly, the good guys must have all had better bullets because while bad guys take a single shot and go down, good guys can take multiple bullets and shake it off with a wince and a grin, maintain full motor functions while being peppered with lead, offer a pithy quip before lighting the dynamite, you get the idea.


I have Final Fantasy XV. I’m enjoying it although it’s not without flaw. At some point perhaps I’ll write a more structured, professional review, like my award-worthy reviews of Magnificent Seven and Forever War.

Next Month

No promises, but I sure would love to be done with Turesia: Ausgan.

I’ll see you then.

May this year be better than your last.


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