July 2016 News

Happy Independence, fellow USAians! And Brits, too, I guess?

Been vacationing in St. Simon’s Island for the past few days. It’s probably my favorite beach on the East Crust. It’s got a small town feel but there’s still plenty to see and do. When it comes to beaches in the southeastern USA, I prefer the Gulf of Mehico over Atlantic Beatches because you can see through the water. One time I ate a brownie.


Since last month Boyo and I–and Firstborne to some extent–have played through the Uncharted games. These are awesome. The hype is earned. I’m no reviewer so take what I say with a grain of salt. They’re kind of like Assassin’s Creed, in that you can parkour around and you’re always climbing. They’re very cinematic but not too loaded down with cutscenes or quick time events. Story telling flows smoothly between cutscenes and action. In the 4th game the motion capture is on par with (debatably better than) the Last of Us. Also, as the series advances, there are subtle differences that maintain variety, despite the basic formula – climb, shoot, climb, shoot, puzzle, climb, shoot. In the third game, hand-to-hand combat is at its peak, with combos and counters at your disposal. In the fourth game, hand-to-hand is less a focus but climbing mechanics have been invigorated and a grappling hook is available.

All in all they’re fun adventure games. In fact, that’s what Boyo calls ’em. “Let’s play the adventure game!”


I broke down and bought Elantris, a Brandon Sanderson book. He’s a machine… like a book spawner. Look at his freaking bibliography. Look at it! He’s released like 7 works in the past two years. He makes George RR Martin and Pat Rothfuss look like they’re standing still! Like they’re literally not writing anything at all.

I’m not a fan of Brandon’s style. It’s very tell vs. show.
Smorgledump woke from a deep sleep and rubbed both his eyes with his fists in an exhausted manner, as if very tired, surely due to the fact that the sleep was deep, as I mentioned at the beginning of this sentence.
(The above does not exist in Sanderson’s works and is an insulting parody that serves no porpoise at all.)

I’d honestly rather read Rothfuss, but he doesn’t really write books anymore it seems. I’d rather read Martin but his books make me want to just give up.

Anyway, Elantris.
I haven’t gotten too far into it yet because I keep falling asleep. And that’s the thing about Sanderson’s books. It takes like half a book to get me involved. The style and voice don’t engage me. I have to rely on the story, the world-building, monsters, magic, etc, and those things take a while to warm up and get going.

I need details I can identify with. Prose that paints an image and makes me feel feelings. Who has prose like this? In the fantasy genre, that I know of – Martin, Rothfuss, and Joe Abercrombie (who actually produces books). I’m sure there are more. But I’m a huge skeptic, I guess, when trying new authors.

I also bought a book about Vikings. It’s called Vikings: A History of the Norse People. I dig it. I’m into the viking culture and history and have always wanted to know more. This book is a good introduction. Also, the story I’m writing has an island called Fohrvylda, that is somewhat barbarous and frigid, and loosely based on the Scandinavia area. The book offers lots of lore to draw from in my world-building.


I upgraded my computer and had the chance to clean up my music collection. This involves attributing songs to their composers, fixing album art, etc. It’s become obvious to me that I’m going to be the last human on earth who doesn’t stream music. I’m considering adding a tab to this very site to list my collection. I don’t know why. Because it’s a collection, I guess, and should be admired.

I’ll see you back here, next month.


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