July 2017 News

Welcome to Summer, mein peeps. This is my most favoritest season because it’s the farthest in either direction from Winter…
I just realized the nonsense of that statement.

Still my favorite season.


Turesia is up to about 130,000 words, or roughly 400 pages. I guess that’s like 55% of the story, give or take.
Welp, no need to harp on it, eh? Nice and simple update. So simple it seems like any one could do it, doesn’t it?

Also, have I mentioned I’m leaning toward trad pubbing this book?


At this moment I’m halfway through Kings of the Wyld and I’m loving it. This book is like Guitar Hero meets the Witcher (except it’s a book, not a video game). It’s hilarious and witty and exciting. I’m not good at reviews. I hate spewing plot points or trying to sell you a thing. Here’s what appeals to me: The members of this mercenary band are essentially old rockers, done touring and moving on with their lives, all at that awkward age between fabled and forgotten. The front man comes round to “Get the band back together” because of reasons. It’s fucking brilliant.

Their adventures are hilarious and frightening and bizarre, the opposite of stuffy-fantasy. If I had to pick on it (and I always do because I’m picky), there are some moments that hint that this is a debut novel. Certain passages exist without noticeably serving the story or the characters or the humor.

This book is well worth the read. It has helped renew my confidence in fantasy novels. Somehow, through the book, I’ve joined a Facebook group – Grimdark Fiction Readers & Writers – and begun to find all sorts of promising books.

Next Month

I’m going to tell you how many words I’ve written.

See you then.


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