June 2016 News

Last month I said we’d skipped Spring. I spoke too fast. This has been a prolonged Spring for us Georgians. By that I mean it’s lasted weeks instead of minutes. But temperatures are on the rise. Water levels are on the decline. This will be a hot year, they say. The hottest, they say. We’re doomed, they say.

But enough about politics.

This one’s long! If you don’t think you can fit it all in right now, just get somewhere comfortable where you can really take your time with it. It’d be a shame to get started only to bail out before completion.


Still playing Dark Souls 3. As usual from From Software, it’s great. I love exploring. Love smashing through armored knights and monstrous beasties and god-f’ing-knows what that thing is to kick my way into new and more brutal places. Most locales are equal parts gorgeous and hellish. But I’m feeling the push toward heavy, slow motion melee weapons. I’ve always hated those in games. Why smash once with a 10′ ultra-greatsword and exert all stamina when you can stab, stab, stab, eat a donut, have a fap, stab with a nice long sword and have stamina to spare?
Maybe I can get used to swinging those large things around. I did in real life.


No Man’s Sky is on the way! And, holy slapping fruits it’s going to release in PS4 VR?? I was so stoked to catch wind of this I disabled ad-blocker to read about it on Forbes.com! Then I found out it’s just wishful thinking of Forbes’ Paul Tassi. But that’s a good idea, Pauly. Sony, you better take note! I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS!

I’ve pretty much milked all the fun out of Stardew Valley. I completed the restoration of the Community Center on Year 3, Day 1. That’s one day too late, fyi. Might play it a bit more. Still need to wife-up Abigail and make gravy. Especially now that I’ve jumped genders. I wonder if she’ll still be into me… I guess she could get way more into me now, AMIRITE?!

But enough about politics.

You know what else I played last month? In one sitting? Soul Blazer, for the SNES. Drew, of Legendary Fail Games, and I, from such places as this blog, streamed the entire playthrough on Twitch, while taking donations to go toward the CJ Foundation for SIDS. In all we played for about 11 hours and raised $240. It was well worth it. And it certainly served to scratch my Soul Blazer itch. Not sure I’ll return there for some time, if ever. I’ve loved that game since the first time I played it and it has inspired a lot of creative ideas of mine. Twas a good time. I have to give a shout to Mark from CharityLiveStream.com for the resources and info page and even for joining the chat during our stream. Looking forward to working with you again, buddy.

I’ve also been adding episodes of my Actraiser playthrough to Youtube. Went on hiatus with that for a while. I got burnt out on the editing process. So I slimmed down my routine and stuck with minimal editing. I should have done that from the start, eh? But you live and learn and die and get buried or cremated or forgotten where you lie or picked clean by crows or stuffed in a pod to return as a tree.

But enough about politics.

Also in gaming news,

I might eventually have to cut the gaming section in two – Games I’m playing, and games I’m designing. I’ve always wanted to build video games. It’s the same urge that has me creating Silexare in general, currently through the written word. Progress on this is going to be slow. I’m going to keep a small team. The game will be independently produced and published, but vastly scalable if all goes as planned. If I post interim news on this it will probably land on le blog.


My brethren and I, Something Once Sacred, have another show this month, this time at the one and only Swamp Bar. Always glad to play there. Always a party. Follow us on Facebook to learn the specifics. If you’re in the area, bring your face and ears and appetite.

Been feeling the need to record live instruments and incorporate that into the music I write. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time but the desire is fast becoming irresistible. For that to happen, though, I’m going to need a couple more tools and a significant upgrade in space. In other words, fam and I need a bigger house.
It’s on the horizon. Consider this a warning.
For a sample of jams I’ve composed (that I’ve “finished” and uploaded), check out my Soundcloud page or, if you’re feeling nostalgic, New Grounds.


Yes, Turesia is in the works! I’ve just been needing to focus on editing the Actraiser playthrough in my spare time because my hard drive is about to crash and before upgrading it I need to use all the tools installed therein (Camtasia, Photoshop, FL Studio), considering I don’t know if I can get them back once I jump drives. I mean, yeah, they’re legit. Of course they are. Why wouldn’t I spend hundreds of dollars on software that currently offers no financial return? What am I, cheap?

I’m back to the mindset of squeezing Turesia into one book. I have smart friends with whom to discuss this type of decision. I hope they say yay. I don’t want to get into releasing serials. Not right now.
I’m stoked about it. But also sick of talking about it. It’s time to shit AND get off the pot, ya know? Why not do both. Why not get off pot then shit? I mean, the two are not mutually exclusive.
People who came up with that phrase weren’t thinking outside the box. They were not on the pot.
You deserve a reward for reading this far down the page.

See you next month


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