June 2017 News

Happy June to you.

Yesterday I attended the wedding of my brother Drew Cochran. You may know him as the architect of Silexare Compendium and Legendary Fail Games. It was a heartfelt ceremony and a stunning location. All their work paid off well. Congratulations to you and Lauren. Have fun in Ireland.

Here comes a brief news post.


Turesia still marches onward. Word count is up to 118k. I post that update to assure you that progress is being made.

I’ve been tossing around title ideas and cover art and have stumbled upon some images and phrases I find awesome. I’d love to expound on it… But some paranoid part of me always expects to get ripped off. Mayhaps I’ll start a Facebook page for the book. That would be a good place to stockpile concept art and updates on progress. Eventually I’ll use it to promote.

It’s occurred to me that to accomplish my goal of bringing Silexare to life, it would behoove me to produce content more regularly. That said, I’m looking to supplement my novel release schedule with shorter stories, or perhaps even different sorts of stories. I don’t want to execute that plan just yet. I’d rather focus on Turesia for now so as to keep momentum going. But soon. I’m never at a shortage of ideas, so the only work would be to hammer them into place in Silexare. With each scene I write, more of the world is canonized.

That is my goal.

See ya next month.


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