March 2016 News

MagFest was freaking glorious. This will not be my last trip. Too much fun. So much fun, in fact, that it makes returning to the analog world a bit difficult.
But here we are. Not time to retire just yet.
Check out the pic-centric blog I posted about MagFest HERE.


At MagFest, among the many bands I saw, was a band called¬†The World is Square. A folk-music project that covers music from video games, mostly Squaresoft. I was able to make it in time to catch their last song, a cover of Time’s Scar, and it was enough to convince me to buy an album.
Coincidentally, I’d recently found and downloaded an album called Spectrum of Mana, which consists of a lot of bands covering music from Secret of Mana, a game that released in 1993 on the SNES.
Well, the people responsible for that project ALSO developed a series of albums called Chronicles of Time, which is a 5-album tribute to the music of Chrono Trigger, a 1995 SNES game. The World is Square did work on Spectrum of Mana and Chronicles of Time.
These are amazing albums, whether or not you know the source music. So many styles of music are represented.
This has become my constant reading and writing companion.


I’ve been reading a lot.
Finished Half a King, by Joe Abercrombie. It’s the first in the Shattered Sea Trilogy and it was highly inspiring for me, as his books usually are.

Then I read the Golden Son, by Pierce Brown. It’s book 2 in the Red Rising trilogy and I think it was better than the first. These books are rollercoaster rides. Just balls-out, wide-open, bloodydamn intensity for pretty much the duration of the story. I gave this a 5-star review on Amazon. That’s rare for me.

Then I read Half the World, which is book 2 in Shattered Sea. It’s not as good as Half a King, but that’s okay. It’s the middle book.

Finished that and started book three of Red Rising, Morning Star. It, like book 2, starts off guns blazing. These books are exciting to read and they haul you along relentlessly. I don’t know that I’d like to write such a style.

The song that is currently my morning alarm

Fillmore, from the Actraiser (SNES) original soundtrack. Lively and energetic.
Just what I need to combat the brutal morning.

Next Month

I’ll tell you one advancement I know will be made between now and next month. I’m investing in a quality amp for my bass. The one I have in mind will be able to plug directly to PC and expand my music composing repertoire.

Also, more words will be written in Turesia.
But probably not enough.
It’s never enough.

See you next month


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