March 2017 News

Ah, March. Spring has come early to Georgia. It’s warm enough to wear shorts and cut grass. Normally I’d not be complaining, but I bet it means summer will be unbearable.


I’m up to about 90k words in Turesia.

I mentioned last month I’d be working on voices for new characters. I’m enjoying Kraus the Thirsty Bandit (aka Kraus the Raper). Maybe too much. Irdessa is fun to write, too. Shiner (Pinprae) brings a good viewpoint from a simple thief who’s been thrown in with a lot of savage warriors. Best not get attached to him.

I’m finally fleshing out orcanes, the animals used as attack mounts in Fohrvylda. I’ve been looking forward to writing them for a while. There are still several¬†Fohrvylda monsters to be introduced.

I sure do look forward to the day when I can write for a living instead of only in my free time. It’s oddly painful to think Silexare only expands when David T List is able to sacrifice all other pastimes and place fingers on keys.

Speaking of not being productive –


I’m just adding this section to say I really want a Nintendo Switch and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

That is all.


I started watching Peaky Blinders a couple of nights ago, at the suggestion of a good friend. Just finished the second episode. It has grown quite riveting. I had some issues with Sam Neill’s accent… then I learned I am not the only one.

Aside from the occasional wonky accent, it’s a cool look into post-WW1 England crime scene.

Next month

More of Turesia will be written!

See you then,


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