May 2016 News

Georgia has a way of skipping Spring and burning straight into Summer. I’m ok with this. I’d rather be hot than cold.

This’ll be a quick post. I have writing to focus on.


As I mentioned last month, I reread A Sawmill’s Hope. It’s hard to step out of editor-mode and just ingest the story. I enjoyed it but there’s a lot that I would change, looking back. I imagine that’s a normal response when you create something and release it into the world. Best thing I can do is learn from my mistakes and try not to make them again.

Next book I’m reading is Half a War, by Abercrombie. I just haven’t broken down and spent $12 on the ebook. Because that’s ri-GD-diculous.


Firstborn and I are watching Daredevil. Wife and I are watching Vikings and the Americans. I’ve still not started down the road of Game of Thrones. I’ll start on it once I have a few more books published and a lot more time on my hands. Because reasons.

I watched Deadpool. Then I watched it again. Then I watched it again. It didn’t change my life, but for an R-rated super hero flick that doesn’t take itself seriously, it is great.


Of course I bought Dark Souls 3. And I’m loving it.

Still playing Stardew Valley. It’s almost run its course.


My band (Something Once Sacred) has a show on May 12. A graduation party in our homeland of Athens, GA. I can’t wait. I have an accumulation of ROCK to release upon the unsuspecting and an accumulation of headbanging to release upon my neck.

Next Month

I have high expectations for progress in the first third of Turesia. I’m leaving it at that.

Now time to write.

See you guys next month


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