November 2015 News

No shave November!
This works for me because I hate shaving!

This works for me because I need to be writing anyway. I’ve been doing a good job of averaging 1,500 words a day lately. The struggle is to keep it up until completion. *chuckles*

*if you hadn’t heard, NaNoWriMo stands for National November Writing Motherf$&^er. It’s called that because if you participate you have 30 days to write 50,000 words.


Oh, what am I writing you ask? Only the same story I’ve been writing for three years now. One day I’ll finish it. Or it will finish me.

I still haven’t decided how, exactly, I’ll arrange the story. There are three parts. The first two can be read in either order, but once you read them, you can’t unread them… kind of like watching Fight Club, or the Prestige, or Sixth Sense in that once you’ve experienced the twist, you can’t unlearn it and have your mind blown again.

It’s looking like all three books together will end up at around 150,000 words, so they could feasibly fit into one edition… but then I’d have to place the first two books in an order, one after the other. That would possible give the impression that that’s the order in which they should be read. I want to avoid giving that impression. Just not sure how.


I had an author signing / meet and greet in Athens GA on October 8th. Twas a cool event. If I’d known there would be wine and hors d’oeuvres maybe I’d have worn something besides cargo shorts and Chaco’s. But so long as I stayed seated, no one knew! And as long as the wine flowed, I stayed seated!
I’m kidding, I drove.

I ordered a box of ten hardbacks of A Sawmill’s Hope for the event. Sold six, gave one to the library where my wife works. Then I sold two at work. Great success, says I.
My amigruber Drew was there taking some pictures. If he ever sends me a link I’ll throw them up on el Facebook for you to peruse!


I played the beta for Star Wars Battlefront on PS4. It’s cool. But I won’t buy it. There’s no campaign mode. Maybe there will be eventually. The next PS4 game I’m buying will either be Dark Souls 3 or Fallout 4.

Oh, did I mention I’ve been uploading Let’s Play vids on Youtube? Visit my channel, homies. Come say herro.


Only one blog post this month. It discusses all the beauty of the new golden blog and green website design. It’s been regarded by critics as “Simply astounding,” “Shiny,” “A revolution in color coordination,” and “Distracting.
It also talks about my motivation to record and upload video game footage.

Next Month

It will be colder outside, in the northern hemisphere anyway. Fapsgiving will be o’er and done. Surely I’ll be done with A Tale of Turesia: Magic of Ausgan. That title, like every proposed title so far, is a placeholder. I probably won’t ever settle on a title. Perhaps I’ll name it Book.

I’ll see you then!


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