November 2016 News

Hola peeps, happy November

Couple of things been goin on:

– My wife, Bray, organized and pulled off an event on October 22nd called Evie’s Run. It was a 5k, intended to raise awareness and support for pregnancy and infant loss, and it was a yuge success. There were some 150+ attendees. Final numbers aren’t in yet, but it’s looking like after expenses there’s over $6,000 to be split evenly between March of Dimes and Evie’s Memorial page.
If you haven’t seen her memorial, click the link and give it a look. We launched it on March 13th, 2016, Evie’s first birthday, with a goal of raising $10,000. We didn’t think it was a realistic goal at the time, more a placeholder. But that goal has given us something to work toward.

– If you’re in the area and want to support an awesome artist, check out my friend Tasi’s GoFundMe page. It’s ending in just a few days. Basically we’re giving away his art book (regularly like $30) to anyone who donates at least $20. The reason I’m directing this only to people in the area, is because we’re not shipping the books.
This is to raise money for his hospital bills and distribute his artwork into loving homes. We appreciate anything you can offer to it.

Moving right along!


November is here and with it comes NaNoWriMo. I’m going to participate and try to write 50,000 words. I’ve been in a good writing rhythm lately, but I’m only averaging about 16k-20k words a month. I’ll need to cut some things out to hit 50k (sleep, mostly) but I’m fairly certain I can definitely nail it, maybe.

I was really hoping to be done with Turesia book 1 by now. That way I could start November on book 2, and just plow through it like Genghis Khan did so many of the population’s ancestors.

Let it be known I’m officially at 52,310 words in Turesia. This means I’ll need to be at 102k AT LEAST by this time next month.


My hombres and I – Something Once Sacred – are playing again at the glamorous Swamp Bar in Hartwell, Ga on November 19th, to celebrate the birthday of one John Atkinson. If you’re into rock, especially of the 90s-00s era, come out. I promise we’ll make it worth your drive.

Next Month

The election will be over. The Earth will be in the throws of World War III. USA will be a wasteland. The internet will have crashed. And, for a time, everyone will forget the story tellers. But then we will be all that’s left.

See you in hell!


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