November 2017 News

Here comes a quick one. I have a lot of writing to do.


Let’s call the official Turesia word count 165,000 (roughly 500 pages). I’m going to try for a final burst here during November. I doubt the total book will be longer than 215k but honestly, who knows? I also doubt I’ll actually hit 50k words in a month, but here’s for an honest effort.
If I write every weekday, I need to just hit around 2,300 words a day… Shit. Perhaps there will be energetic bursts throughout?


Among other books, the one that stands out the most is Royal Assassin, by Robin Hobb. As my review stated for Assassin’s Apprentice, I wanna hug Robin for writing this book. These are emotional stories, ripe with prestige, assassins, ‘zombies’, love, loss. Such good books.
If Fitz Chivalry does something impressive to fix his situation (rather than just maintain it or prolong the inevitable), this book will earn 5 stars. At this moment, it’s sitting on 4.

:EDIT: Fitz has soundly f&*ked his situation, rather than fixing it. And for a couple of chapters, all clever analogies, metaphors, observations, quips, etc were lost on me because in the back of my mind I was saying, “Fitz, you f@#$ing moron. You knew better.”

That 4/5 stars is looking inevitable.


Something Once Sacred has two shows this month (that’s a record these days).
One, you’re not invited to. A wedding rehearsal on November 10th. Should get downright funky.
The other is on November 25th. It’s the annual celebration of John Atkinson’s birth at the one and only Swamp Bar. Come on out.


Stranger Things 2, of course! On episode 7 now.

Next Month

I’ll hang with you longer, hopefully. I’ll report how I failed at NaNo for the millionth year in a row.

See you then!


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