October 2015 News

It’s Halloween month. I love spooky crap. My wife doesn’t. But Boyo does. And so does Firstborn. I am not alone!


First things first – I have an authorly event this month! GaCOMO is a lot of things… more than I know. But on October 8th, 4:30pm-5:30pm EST “Meet the Authors” will be going on in the Classic Center in Athens, GA. I’ll have a booth of sorts AND a box of freshly printed A Sawmill’s Hope hardbacks, autographed to your liking, for only $20 a pop (and I’m open to the possibility of bartering).

Check www.GeorgiaCOMO.com for event details, schedule, directions, and allat good stuff.

I’ve been chiseling away at the story. Finishing one scene at a time. But insecurities abound.
“Writing shouldn’t be this hard.”
“Brandon Sanderson writes a 350k word novel every month, and you can’t finish a quick story?”
“This is the first of 3 stories in this series. If you can’t finish this one, what makes you think you’ll finish the rest?”

The most obvious harm these doubts inflict is that they prevent me from even opening manuscripts to do work. And when I glance at the “last modified” date on said manuscripts, I despair.
“I’ve been away too long.”
“I definitely won’t remember what’s going on in the story.”
“How will I ever achieve a consistent voice for the protagonist when I take such long breaks between writing him?”

This all culminates in me finding something else to do with my time besides writing.

But, all is not lost. I have positive influences as well. There are people awaiting more stories. When I finally do convince myself to open the documents, the writing is fun and exciting and comes easily. I have to remember that for every author like Sanderson, who clearly writes in his sleep, there are two authors (I’m looking at you, Patrick Rothfuss and George RR Martin) who write as a living and seem to focus on everything in the world EXCEPT the next book their fans have been patiently awaiting for 3+ years.

It’s encouraging to know I’m not the slowest writer out there.


Speaking of focusing on things that aren’t writing…
I’m a fan of Youtube gaming channels so I thought I’d try my hand at it. I bought a webcam, a decent mic, some capture equipment… all the things I need to make Let’s Play videos. I have a huge list of games I’d like to play, either again or for the first time.
I’d say my initial influences for this train of thought were channels like Games Done Quick (videos of game speedrunners) and Cinnemassacre, home of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

So as of this moment, I’ve had opportunity to play through and record the SNES game Actraiser, which is a childhood favorites. Once I have the video chopped up and edited, I’ll begin uploading to my Youtube channel.

My friend Drew (who coded the Silexare Compendium) also games and streams to Twitch. He’s built a website (www.LegendaryFail.com) that will house various gaming videos, including mine and his. If you’re interested in such things, save that facking link!


Only one blog post this month. It’s a picture-centric account of a recent camping trip. Have a look!
The Refresh Button – Aug 2015

Next Month

I’ll post links to the gaming vids. I’ll have blogged about the “Meet the Author” event. I’ll have finished the next draft of Turesia.
2/3rds of those statements are true!

See you next month.

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