October 2016 News

Happy Halloween Month. I’m digging this cool weather.


Three years ago, I was planning for the ASH Kickstarter, and I’d just finished reading Abercrombie’s The Heroes. Since then I have read Red Country and Best Served Cold and a couple others of his. I said, “Joe’s books leave a hard to fill gap once I’ve finished them.” The same still applies. I’ve yet to find another author whose writing entertains me as much as his. Pat Rothfuss is up there with him, but he doesn’t put out books so often.


Still grinding on Turesia book 1, (name isn’t final). The story has reached about 36,500 words. I’m averaging something like 3-3.5k words a week, and have been for going on two months. It’s easy because I laid the groundwork already for the story’s frame, some three years ago. It’s hard because with each chapter there are more loose ends to consider and to see to. I can’t imagine being 6 books into a series and having hundreds of characters and plotlines to keep up with. Almost enough to make me sympathetic to George Martin.

I’m really enjoying the story. I love the progress I’m making. But I’m impatient. I think it’s most disheartening to know so much work is left simply because I’ve been working on this for so long already.


I’m reading Black Prism right now. It’s good so far. Young hero gets life destroyed but learns he’s super special. I’m digging the magical system. Prose is nothing to slap your mama over.

A long time ago I read a book about Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, by Fritz Leiber. All I remember about it is that it was easy to read and entertaining. I recently looked into them and learned there’s a whole series of ’em. That series, or at least the first book, might be next on my list.

Next Month

By this time next month I should have finished book one of Turesia. Then I’ll be writing about the arena Keswal! The Barbarian Tide! Monstrous Uergatas and Orcanes and Sprakes and Dreadhops!
F#$%, yeah!

See you then


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