October 2017 News

The haunting month is upon us, bringing a chill in the air and the spirit. I relish it. My bride does not. And so I am loosed upon my neighborhood with idle hands and a nocuous curiosity. Gods be pleased, I’ll content myself stealing candy and toppling decorations. But if the Moon sees fit to borrow my earthly vessel, I take no responsibility for the grisly appetite that befalls me.
Be warned.


Turesia is at ~155k. The writing process went down for maintenance a bit in September. I’ve finally focused my attention on a program I’d been recommended more than a few times: Scrivener.
This application has been revolutionary. I won’t harp extensively here, but I love it. At last, a way to consolidate all notes, maps, sketches, ideas, drafts, documents in ONE PLACE!
Hopefully I’ll get around to writing a blog post on it soon, discussing its strengths.


I finished the Warded Man and reviewed it somewhere. Short review, shorter: I loved the world, characters did not leap out at me, prose did not inspire me. 3/5 stars. I hate the dismissive nature of my reviews… I don’t mean it as such. I just don’t have the gumption to up my review game. I plan to read more of Peter V Brett’s books. I imagine they only get better from here.

I’m listening to Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice and it is by far the best audiobook I’ve ever experienced. Robin’s words are a joy to be read, no matter what they’re discussing. I’ve not read her other books, but I can tell I will. I may be binge-ing on Assassin’s Apprentice right now. The narrator, Paul Boehmer, is excellent. 5/5 stars.

Still reading Half a War. Why’s it taking me so long? Because I waited so long since the first two to read this one. AND because I prefer Abercrombie’s no-holds-barred, adult, gritty, throat-cutting and swearing.


Did I mention I watched Game of Thrones in the past two months? I did. Save your applause.


There’s a 5k on October 21st called Evie’s Run. Proceeds all go toward CJ First Candle, specifically Evie’s own memorial, and the March of Dimes.
Oh, David I didn’t know you run!
I do. Once a year. For my little girl.
Follow the Facebook page for more info.


Something Once Sacred is playing a Halloween party on October 27th. You interested in details on that? Follow us on FB!

Next Month

I’ll tell you how much I’ve written!

See you then

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