January 2017 News

Today is the first day 2017. Every year the date sounds more like something from an 80’s era science fiction movie. Let us celebrate an otherwise mundane weekend because of the transition into a new year. Nevermind that “2017” is only a chronological construct that sentient meat n bone sacks use to keep track of their achievements in the particular dot in existence that is our space time reality.

1/1/17 means I’m down to around 1460 days left to get my intellectual property profitable enough to extract myself from the employ of another human being. The going is slow, but like I’ve never said – Slow going is better than no going. I’ll probably never say it again. It’s yours now. You’re welcome.
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December 2016 News

The south has finally gotten some much-needed rain! Hopefully the fires devouring Tennessee and North Carolina and North Georgia have been extinguished. I think I’ll launch a bonfire in my back yard to celebrate.

Some people just want to watch the bonfire...

Some men just want to watch the bonfire burn…

Last Month

I mentioned that the election for president would be over and the world will have ended. I guess for some it has, just depends on who you ask.
I personally hope Trump does a good job. He’s got an uphill battle, considering he’s obligated to busy himself tweeting utter idiocy at a torrential rate.
SOS had an awesome show at the Swamp in Hartwell. If you came, thank ya! (and trust me, if you were there, you came.)

Moving right along!

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November 2016 News

Hola peeps, happy November

Couple of things been goin on:

– My wife, Bray, organized and pulled off an event on October 22nd called Evie’s Run. It was a 5k, intended to raise awareness and support for pregnancy and infant loss, and it was a yuge success. There were some 150+ attendees. Final numbers aren’t in yet, but it’s looking like after expenses there’s over $6,000 to be split evenly between March of Dimes and Evie’s Memorial page.
If you haven’t seen her memorial, click the link and give it a look. We launched it on March 13th, 2016, Evie’s first birthday, with a goal of raising $10,000. We didn’t think it was a realistic goal at the time, more a placeholder. But that goal has given us something to work toward.

– If you’re in the area and want to support an awesome artist, check out my friend Tasi’s GoFundMe page. It’s ending in just a few days. Basically we’re giving away his art book (regularly like $30) to anyone who donates at least $20. The reason I’m directing this only to people in the area, is because we’re not shipping the books.
This is to raise money for his hospital bills and distribute his artwork into loving homes. We appreciate anything you can offer to it.

Moving right along!

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September 2016 News

Big month coming up! Got my birthday, wife’s birthday, our wedding’s birthday, Drew’s birthday, Brandon’s birthday, and more people’s birthday!

Let’s get right into the neeews.


Last month I mentioned having a look back at this website’s origins, what it has aimed for, and what it has accomplished. Let’s see if I can do all this succinctly.

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July 2016 News

Happy Independence, fellow USAians! And Brits, too, I guess?

Been vacationing in St. Simon’s Island for the past few days. It’s probably my favorite beach on the East Crust. It’s got a small town feel but there’s still plenty to see and do. When it comes to beaches in the southeastern USA, I prefer the Gulf of Mehico over Atlantic Beatches because you can see through the water. One time I ate a brownie.
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June 2016 News

Last month I said we’d skipped Spring. I spoke too fast. This has been a prolonged Spring for us Georgians. By that I mean it’s lasted weeks instead of minutes. But temperatures are on the rise. Water levels are on the decline. This will be a hot year, they say. The hottest, they say. We’re doomed, they say.

But enough about politics.

This one’s long! If you don’t think you can fit it all in right now, just get somewhere comfortable where you can really take your time with it. It’d be a shame to get started only to bail out before completion.

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May 2016 News

Georgia has a way of skipping Spring and burning straight into Summer. I’m ok with this. I’d rather be hot than cold.

This’ll be a quick post. I have writing to focus on.

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April 2016 News

I hate spring time.

April Fools!

Spring might be my favorite season.
It’s warming up.
Bugs and birds and trees and squirrels are all getting happy all over the place.
Just good times.

Some friends and I were supposed to get a booth at SC ComiCon on the first weekend of April. My friends do cosplay stuff. I’d have brought books and Silexare swag. Unfortunately, we (more specifically, ALLEN!) didn’t reserve the booth in time. Oh well.

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