November 2015 News

No shave November!
This works for me because I hate shaving!

This works for me because I need to be writing anyway. I’ve been doing a good job of averaging 1,500 words a day lately. The struggle is to keep it up until completion. *chuckles*

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September 2015 News

For the first time since I can remember, I’m almost glad to see summer go. Glad to think about it cooling off. Maybe because this summer was so hot. I didn’t go kayaking nearly enough. The thought of snow is almost welcome.

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August News

This has been a long month. And not because of anything I’d consider to be productive.
Trials and tribulations, more like.
Therefore, instead of news, I’m uploading a bit of nothing.

If there’s anything I’d like to communicate to you this month it’s this,
Don’t let them get away without hugging them or telling them you love em.

(10/1 – I’m editing this to include this link to a relevant blog post)

July 2015 News

I’ve been writing a good bit. At this moment (day, week, month, year), that’s what matters. You’ll notice a lack of content from the blog, FB, Twitter, and the Compendium. That’s because those distract me. I’m busy with what matters. The steak. Fixin’s can come later. If it’s not for actual published novels the blog, FB, Twitter and the Compendium are all pointless.

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June 2015 News

I’ve had a breakthrough with Turesia (current story in progress). Certain aspects of the plot weren’t working. I didn’t like our protagonist. He was frightened and, frankly, boring. I didn’t like our antagonist. His motivations weren’t realistic. He felt cliche-wizardy. I wasn’t in love with the magic system, largely because it wasn’t definable enough. It was too hocus-pocus. Too “Expeli-plot-us.” Too “You shall not pass.”
But I’ll be gorram’ed if I didn’t have a brainial breakthrough and discover Consonance.
I can’t wait to show you.
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May 2015 News

Summertime is my favorite. I like rivering and woodsing and campfire + guitaring. I like sweating and smacking mosquitoes. I like smelling like sunscreen and picking sticks and stones out of my Chacos. I like all those things. What I don’t like is being cold.
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April 2015 News

Happy April to you. Did you know April means to open? I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to April’ing a cold one next to an evening campfire after kayaking the Broad River.
As of March 31st 2015, Jason Tasi’s debut art collection is published. Here’s the link to its page on Sky Island Publishing. It has not yet made its way to online stores but keep an eye on that link, I’ll be posting more as soon as there is more to post.
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March 2015 news

Good day to you all and welcome to March 2015. Tasi’s book, available soon by Sky Island Publishing, is being reviewed by IngramSpark right now. Assuming all is well it will be available in the next couple of weeks. Finally!
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