September 2015 News

For the first time since I can remember, I’m almost glad to see summer go. Glad to think about it cooling off. Maybe because this summer was so hot. I didn’t go kayaking nearly enough. The thought of snow is almost welcome.


Let’s get this out of the way. I wrote and made public what some have described as a very personal post. For me it was therapeutic. I honestly don’t know what further use it serves than that, except to hang some of my suffering on the shoulders of innocent visitors. It seems cruel for me to have posted it and I’ve thought about deleting it. But a lot of people have messaged me to thank me for sharing. Now that you’re all sopping with anticipation, here’s a direct link. Prepare for your mood to plummet.


I got flustered with Turesia. So I put it down. I decided the story was best told visually, maybe through a graphic novel. Then I started writing a sequel for A Sawmill’s Hope. I wrote about five thousand words in one sitting. Then my head cleared, as did my writer’s block. I need to finish Turesia. Whether it sucks or not, I owe it to myself and everyone awaiting it to at least give it my best effort. And so I put the sequel aside and continued on Turesia. I’m glad I did. It’s a good one. But the plot’s complicated as shit.


I have FL Studio 12 and have finally sat down and started messing around on it. Put together a fun piece yesterday. I wouldn’t even know how to describe its genre other than electronica. Got a nice beat. Perhaps it will show up on my Soundcloud soon?? It’s called Guit Plinked.


I didn’t mention this last month but I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I liked it a lot. It had the ‘classic literature’ feel, with occasional inflated scenes and passages, but never too much. The story stayed in motion. It was an interesting ride, considering it’s written by a British fellow exploring the depths of American culture and heritage. I thought he did well. Neil seems like such an amicable fellow, despite his success, that I wouldn’t be put off if he had written us ‘Muricans all wrong.


I’m bored with Witcher 3. It has a lot of shining points. But it also has a ton of repetition. I can’t put my finger on how it differs from Skyrim but it does and I just can’t get into it the same. I might sell it. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth still has my heart.

Next Month

As I have promised for the past three years, I’m going to continue working on Turesia. This is a matter of discipline, nothing else. I won’t give up.

See you next month