September 2016 News

Big month coming up! Got my birthday, wife’s birthday, our wedding’s birthday, Drew’s birthday, Brandon’s birthday, and more people’s birthday!

Let’s get right into the neeews.


Last month I mentioned having a look back at this website’s origins, what it has aimed for, and what it has accomplished. Let’s see if I can do all this succinctly.

My first post here was September 29th, 2013. From the look of it, I wrote pretty much the same stuff as I’m writing now.
Little did I know I was about to launch a kickstarter for A Sawmill’s Hope. It’s interesting to learn I’d already written the first draft of Turesia, which I’m still working on today… Except, by interesting I mean frightening because it feels like I’m never going to finish this damn thing.
The Heroes was a great book. Picture of Dorian Gray is a cool concept and good novel until halfway through when it transforms into something besides a novel.

In the September 2014 post I was riding the high of releasing A Sawmill’s Hope and promoting it at Dragon*Con 2014. It’s good I documented this. I do not envy anyone planning and sending Kickstarter prizes. That’s a lot of work. Next time I do it I’ll slim down the scope significantly.

In the September 2015 post I talk about the saddest blog post I ever devised (or did it devise me?), whine about writer’s block, introduce Guit Plinked, and sing Neil Gaiman’s praises.

So, why do I write these every month?

I think my mindset going into this was that content creators should make known what they’re up to, and not just 140 characters at a time. People care. I care about the creators whose work I’m a fan of, unless they’re droll. Also, I hate arriving at a website of a creator and it’s a freaking ghost town. No updates in months or years. I also hate being a huge fan of a series and wanting updates on the book(s) and the author talks about everything BUT the series.

What’s my website lacking? Gonna be really transparent here. I don’t keep up with traffic to this site. For all I know, these posts go unread. I don’t actually do much publicity at all. I’ll hire someone with a passion for that when the need arises.

There is an unintended perk of this site. I can look back in time and see my progress.
It’s like this – If I show you a picture of a nice porch, you’ll say, “Cool.” But if I show you a picture of a shit porch with broken railing and chipped paint, and then show you a picture of that same porch fixed up and all pretty and nice, you’ll say, “Cool!”
hmm… that analogy really seemed like it had potential.

To summarize – Three years ago I said, fake it til you make it. I still am. Might still be faking it three years from now. What’s important is that I don’t stop until I make it.


Last month I mentioned I’d joined a writing group. It’s still going strong. At that point I had one scene of Turesia complete (will need final revision). Now I have 23,000 words complete, or about 65 pages. If I can maintain 20k words a month, this book has about five(ish) more months until completion.

I don’t consider myself to be experienced enough to offer advice on writing groups just yet, but I might share some thoughts on le blog in the next couple of weeks.


I hear No Man’s Sky didn’t live up to the hype. Oh well. I’ll still play it when it goes to super cheap or when Evan lets me borrow it. I bought Axiom Verge from Steam. Firstborne and I are playing it now and digging it. Very Super Metroid. Almost to a fault.


I finally picked up Lies of Locke Lamora. It’s so highly recommended, I had to have it. Everyone freakin loves it.
“Gentleman Bastards”
Oooh, it’s got oxymorons!
“Scott Lynch”
Woah, what a sick name! And he looks like he totally plays guitar!!
Well apparently I’m a total moron.
I’m on page 74 of 500 and I don’t know or care what’s going on. There’s a lot of like barges making a water-shanty town. There’s a glass bridge that glows at night. Locke Lamora may or may not be in a flashback right now. A heist seems to be going on but I can’t tell who or why or what.
I think the style, exposition, world-building, etc, could very well all be terrific. It’s just not for me right now.
Goodreads needs a shelf called, “Books I closed and put down.” This book will probably land there beside Maze Runner (of which I read 150 pages before realizing it was gruelingly laborious).
I wanted to like this book. I need fantasy with great voice and good pacing in my life right now. I’ve read all of Abercrombie and he’s the pinnacle of this as far as I’m concerned.

Next on the list is possibly the Promise of Blood, by Brian McClellan. Except it’s a $10 ebook, which is cockamamie. Yo ho, yo ho, it is! (Arr)

Next Month

How much of Turesia can I finish? I look forward to telling you Ausgan’s story is complete and I’m writing Fohrvylda’s. Let’s make it a date.
I’ll see you then.


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