September 2017 News

Ah, September. That fateful month when I, in an explosive crescendo of blood and embryonic detritus, was torn from a slit in my mother’s belly and held aloft in sanguine-slicked hands.
The world has never been the same.


Been writing some gruesome scenes lately. Can you tell?

Turesia (V&V) is at ~150,000 words. That’s a better progress than some months. I just have to remember that the words don’t have to be good yet. They just have to be written.


I’m reading Half a War still, and listening to the Warded Man. Warded Man was a hard sell for me. The prose, story, and characters are nothing to slap yer mama over. But the story grew on me. The classes/jobs – Warder, Messenger, Herb Gatherer are cooler by the page. And I like the idea of demons sprouting each night and the world at large being helpless to do much more than shit their pants over it. Although, [SPOILER?] I am pretty deep in the story and wondering each page more than the last: “Why doesn’t someone tattoo wards on their skin? Is that the warded man?” If that is the case, the only way it’s feasible that this wasn’t common place is if tattoos simply don’t exist in the world. [/SPOILER]


Firstborne convinced me to watch Netflix’s Deathnote. As a fan of the anime, my opinion will be biased. I tried my hardest to disconnect from the source material and leave it at the door on my way in. You must do this if you’re going to be content that Light is an outcast underdog type rather than a narcissistic jock. But… then why’s he still named Light? L kept some quirks of the L from the anime… enough to remind me of the source so that I could be annoyed when they deviated. Dafoe didn’t shatter the earth or anything but he was good.
All in all, the film made me wish I was watching the anime (which I enjoyed).
If you can ignore the source, you get a mediocre teen thriller with certain nonsensical plot points (such as the political hierarchy wherein L can supersede all branches of American law enforcement but doesn’t have the resources of said departments, such as the ability to track phones, numbers, texts, etc).
6.5/10 film
1.5/10 film adaptation of the anime


I bought Sonic Mania. This game is the 90s revisited. I love it. Boyo (6) loves it. “Some of the levels and bosses are hard,” says the man who grew up in the era of Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Silver Surfer, Legacy of the Wizard, Mega Man… Wow. The frequent save points and infinite lives of today’s games have clearly taken their toll on my constitution.

Next Month

I’ll let you know what I’ve written.

See you then.


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