What is Silexare?

I’ll answer that in three ways.

Short answer

Silexare (pronounced “Sill-ex-air”) is an imaginary world I intend to bring to life, one story at a time.

Longer answer

When I was a wee lad I drew maps and named swords and sketched out monsters and battles, trying to recreate the worlds of Tolkien and Salvatore, Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, Willow and the Neverending Story. Eventually I chose to forge my own. I drew a world map and named it Silexare. I didn’t have a plan for it. I drew more maps, made campaigns, invented monsters, all while unsure of what I was searching for. I knew one day Silexare would be something, I just wasn’t sure what.

Years passed. I stored ideas for characters, artifacts, fantastic locations, witty quips, unique situations, battle plans, parallel occupations, and my favorite, monsters. I collected all the monsters I could find. I started with the obvious monsters of legend – Greek, Norse, Japanese. Then I read the bestiaries of video games. Then I branched out, broadened the search. Inuit, Akkadian, Hebrew, Chinese, Hawaiian, Indian, Ethiopian. I studied monsters every free minute I had. And I saved them. I stored their name, their appearance, their homeland, their preferred environment, their attitude toward humans, humanity’s use for them, and so on, until the list filled several notebooks.
Still I wasn’t sure what Silexare was.

It wasn’t until I read a particular fantasy novel in 2011 that I had an epiphany.

I have everything I need to bring Silexare to life… Except stories.

And so I began to write.

In-world answer

Within Silexare the name has its own definition. Click here to head over to the Compendium to learn more.